GIS screenshotITOPF regularly participates in activities to promote preparedness and planning in the event of an oil spill, mainly through sharing its experience and accumulated first-hand knowledge of nearly 700 oil spills worldwide and assisting in studies and activities relating to risk assessment and contingency planning.

To assist in this task ITOPF has developed a Geographic Information System to display information from ITOPF’s established in-house datasets, such as the database of accidental oil spills from tankers started in 1974, and information on oil spill response arrangements in a particular country through the Country Profile series started in 1996. An important development is the inclusion of datasets depicting tanker traffic flow from laden oil tanker shipments for the years 2001 and 2005, based on data provided by Lloyd's MIU which was analysed and interpreted in-house. This data is expected to be of general interest and of particular value in risk assessments for contingency planning

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